New user Information


Welcome to UNIST Supercomputing Center webpage. This page includes brief information for the new users as below.

  • HPC resource
  • IDC Co-location
  • How to apply
  • How to use HPC resource
  • Documentation



HPC Resource

UNIST Supercomputing Center has several HPC systems to support computational science researchers as below.

  • Leopard, x86_64 Linux cluster, Intel Xeon Westmere processors
  • Cheetah, x86_64 Linux cluster, Intel Xeon nehalem processors
  • Lion, x86_64 Linux cluster(blade type), Intel Xeon Westmere and Sandy Bridge processors
  • Falcon, x86_64 Linux cluster, Intel Xeon Ivy Bridge processors
  • Eagle, x86_64 Linux cluster, Intel Xeon Ivy Bridge processors
  • Lustre parallel file system


IDC co-location

UNIST Supercomputing Center is providing IDC co-location service for science researchers.



Apply Account

UNIST members(professors, researchers, students, staffs) can use HPC resource to do their own job. But, it is allowed to use only scientific research or educational purpose. If one wants to use HPC resource besides these purpose, one has to obtain permission from the steering committee. If you want to apply account, please download application form and fill in the blanks and send e-mail it to the staff. E-mail address is Click 슈퍼컴퓨팅센터안내_ApplicationForm_v12 to download application form.



How to use HPC system

After you get account, access HPC system refering to the HPC access guide. If you are not used to the UNIX/Linux environment, refer to the basic Linux command guide. We highly recommend changing password when you login HPC system first for the security reason. For the more information, follow the user service.



Tutorial, Manual, and Technical Support

We highly recommend participating tutorial to new users. Also, we supply user service guide. For the more information, refer to the user manual. If you need any kind of support, please drop by supercomputing center office, room # U102 in No.108 building, in business our(Monday to Friday, 10AM ~ 5PM).